Why Show?

face2face interactions can create credible relationships to build business

If your main objective at shows is getting leads for business, you’re missing 80% of the opportunities on the show floor.

We promote five core reasons for participation:
1. Leads for Business Development
2. Branding – Visibility & Industry Credibility
3. Strategic Partnerships, Vendors & Investors
4. Product/Service Launch, Market Research
5. Talent Recruitment

Trades shows and conventions create a neutral environment for commerce, professional development and innovative marketing. The main reason most companies participate in trade shows is for generating leads, branding recognition and growth of their primary business. With the evolution of the internet and social media, “face to face” interactions are becoming more highly-regarded as a way to initiate relationships with prospects and strategic partners. Trade shows are designed to bring those interests together in one environment.

History of Trade Shows
Prior to WWII, the World’s Fairs were the destinations for commerce, technology and inventions to be a showcase to the public as a whole in Europe and US. As the US became a global industrial power after WWII, large industries and technology began to create their own communities of like-minds focused on their industry concerns. By the 1960’s, trade associations had become the foundation for trade shows bringing together large professions in various industries. By the 1990’s, there were over 75,000 trade associations having over 50,000 shows a year in the US.
Although the industry, as a whole, has waned since the 90’s, trade shows still remain the   major destination for many industries to bring together their professionals to share ideas and showcase their industry’s innovations.