Drop your drayage fees

Drayage (showsite material handling) is the forgotten money pit of the show, it’s the largest revenue source for General Contractor(Freeman,GES,Brede, etc) and they know exhibitors often forget about it. From our experience 90% of exhibitors have no plan on how to maintain and manage drayage charges for their programs. And are often surprised when the final bill reflects a range of fees they never budgeted for. Here are a few quick tips:

• group multiple carton shipment to a single wrapped pallet, GC charge by CTN(carton) and will often require a 200lb minimum per shipment even for a couple boxes that weight 20lbs, that could be $160-$200

• If staying adjacent to the show site, look into shipping small carton/UPS items to your hotel, they may charge a $20 receiving fee, which is a fraction of the Show Site fee(typically $80-$100 per carton) If you are a Rewards member at that hotel chain they may waive receiving fees.

• do not let 3rd party suppliers or divisions of your company ship to show without getting clear information on what they are shipping. Only send what is needed and stage the shipment with the display in one shipment or pallet with the exhibit is the most cost effective way to minimize excessive cost with Drayage.

• Use a courier or non-freight delivery service. That can meet you to deliver the items and cart them in for you to avoid teh fees by doing a doc delivery, if there is a business center onsite you can also ship items to a business center and pick them up for a nominal fee that is much less than paying the drayage charges

Claud’s document as an option:

What is Material Handling and why does it cost so much?

Material handling (also known as ‘drayage’) is the service provided by the show contractor receiving your exhibit freight and taking it to the show floor, then taking it from the show floor back to the dock after the show.

It is necessary to submit the form so that the show contractor will have enough forklifts and man power scheduled to accomodate all the freight for that show. It also provides a discount by sending the form before the deadline.

The cost covers the labor, forklifts and maintenance of equipment before/during/after  the show. In most cases, there is union labor handling the freight. Prices vary depending on the city but you can count on material handling being your most expensive cost at the show.

To save money and ensure your freight is at the booth space on time:
1) submit the material handling form before the deadline and communicate the deadline to your team
2) send all freight together in one shipment, if possible, so that you only incur one receiving charge at the dock
3) send loose boxes all on one pallet and send all the freight to advance warehouse before the deadline
4) send smaller, last minute pieces to the convention business center or to your hotel

Following these guidelines can save you thousands of dollars on material handling charges in the next year.

Remember that charges are applied using CWTs: CWT = 100 lbs.
4,000 lbs = 4,000 / 100 = 400 CWTs @ $120 ea = $4,800 material handling for 4,000 lbs.

For more information on material handling, please call Exhibit Associates at 214-659-9955 or send an email to info@exhibit-associates.com.

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