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Best of Show Award!

Congrats to our client Clarus Glassboards on their Best of Show award from the Metrocon Expo & Conference in August. The clean and bold design included fabric backwall graphics, center pedestal with 42″ monitor, and the engaging “Claricature” Artists they are known for at shows, all together made the attendee experience very memorable!

The overall all achievement was very impactful and the design of the booth made it a flawless setup & dismantle and by far the lightest weight display we’ve ever used.



5 Tradeshow Myths

In 2013, many exhibitors are contemplating over their programs in the face of the “Fiscal Cliff” economy. We thought it would be appropriate to reflect on a few of the myths we’ve heard in the last year and provide some perspective about these myths.

#1. With the internet and social media, trade shows aren’t relevant anymore.

#2. Trade shows are getting too expensive.

#3. Attendance is down at many of the shows.

#4. We only go to shows to acquire leads.

#5. My competitors have stopped exhibiting at the show, so I don’t need to be there.