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Exhibiting Overseas

No matter where your exhibit program or event may take you, Exhibit Associates is ready with expertise in international exhibiting to ensure your program is executed flawlessly. As a Nimlok partner, you’re working with a global operation that spans 56 countries. With global exhibit design and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., UK and Canada, plus a worldwide distribution network offering production, storage and display rental access closer than anyone to your final destination, you can be confident that your international exhibit needs are taken care of.
Please contact us to discuss creating a flawless international exhibit program.


5 Tradeshow Myths

In 2013, many exhibitors are contemplating over their programs in the face of the “Fiscal Cliff” economy. We thought it would be appropriate to reflect on a few of the myths we’ve heard in the last year and provide some perspective about these myths.

#1. With the internet and social media, trade shows aren’t relevant anymore.

#2. Trade shows are getting too expensive.

#3. Attendance is down at many of the shows.

#4. We only go to shows to acquire leads.

#5. My competitors have stopped exhibiting at the show, so I don’t need to be there.


Drop your drayage fees

Drayage (showsite material handling) is the forgotten money pit of the show, it’s the largest revenue source for General Contractor(Freeman,GES,Brede, etc) and they know exhibitors often forget about it. From our experience 90% of exhibitors have no plan on how to maintain and manage drayage charges for their programs. And are often surprised when the final bill reflects a range of fees they never budgeted for. Here are a few quick tips:

• group multiple carton shipment to a single wrapped pallet, GC charge by CTN(carton) and will often require a 200lb minimum per shipment even for a couple boxes that weight 20lbs, that could be $160-$200

• If staying adjacent to the show site, look into shipping small carton/UPS items to your hotel, they may charge a $20 receiving fee, which is a fraction of the Show Site fee(typically $80-$100 per carton) If you are a Rewards member at that hotel chain they may waive receiving fees.

• do not let 3rd party suppliers More

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