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Best of Show Award!

Congrats to our client Clarus Glassboards on their Best of Show award from the Metrocon Expo & Conference in August. The clean and bold design included fabric backwall graphics, center pedestal with 42″ monitor, and the engaging “Claricature” Artists they are known for at shows, all together made the attendee experience very memorable!

The overall all achievement was very impactful and the design of the booth made it a flawless setup & dismantle and by far the lightest weight display we’ve ever used.




Nimlok’s Exhibit Makeover contest is underway, check out this year’s entries and vote to select the booth to win the Makeover. We’ve received 33 submissions from companies who would like an exhibit makeover on their outdated exhibits. Help us determine the winner by casting YOUR vote! By voting, you’ll also receive a 10% off coupon to use on Nimlok Online, Nimlok’s online portable display shop.




Could Be A Cool Exhibit

Red Design Group is an Australian company that creates creative and exciting environments for retail business across the board (from 7-11 stores to high-end luxury retailers) and they even have quite a space of their own. One of their recent projects was a candy store, also located in Melbourne.

The Candy Room by Red Design Group – Design Milk.


Do it myself vs turn-key service?

What’s the major difference between managing your exhibit services vs. outsourcing it? The answer is simple, What’s your time worth? Do you have 2-3 days to dedicate to show preparations?

The major advantage of a turn-key solution is that the exhibit house will handle all the service orders, logistics and coordination for you for a fee. If you are not familiar with show services and have not reviewed an exhibitor manual – gathering information and evaluating options could take between 3-4 hours. Then you have to check all the deadlines and build a timeline. Then there is the task of placing the show service orders like electrical, cleaning  and labor. Last is coordinating shipping and logistics before and after the show. This can all become overwhelming and it’s a process that can take, like we mentioned,  2-3 solid days.

Here are a few considerations:
• Account managers typically have years of trade show experience and know the do’s More

What’s a Modular Exhibit?

Modular exhibits are usually designed from from “off the shelf” structural components. The unique designs typically can consist of panels, extrusions, fabric, framing and often some custom-fabricated items. While a wide range of designs can be created, you are working with a set number of parts to choose from. Often a modular display is the “next step up” from a pop-up or panel portable display, and will pack into molded shipping containers.  Depending on your needs, a modular exhibit may give you the flexibility to accommodate your specific trade show needs. With the wide range of flexibility in modular components, creating a custom modular solution will often yield a unique design at a fraction of the cost of a custom-built display.

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